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Are you torn with the demands between work and home life?

Do you feel trapped in responsibility and would love to feel free? 

Are you stuck in making a decision about something in your life, relationship or business?

Do you have conflicting ideas with someone and it’s hindering your relationship?

Do you care for others and feel depleted and trapped?

There are many opposing problems in life, what is causing you stress?

Living in a world of opposites makes life a rich tapestry of simple and complex situations.  As a polarity therapist, I help people deal with a multitude of circumstances that arise when opposing situations become a problem.  Polarity Coaching can help you manage issues in your life, relationships and business that are seemingly unsolvable.  

1 – 2 – 1 online polarity coaching

I combine 20 years of experience as a polarity therapist, polarity teacher, spa & business consultant which means that I bring a wealth of insight into any situation.

I offer polarity coaching sessions using a specific method to get your life situation back on track so that you know what actions you need to take to feel more empowered and clear about your path ahead.

Sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

The first session is 90 minutes, where I really get to know you and your problem and you start to discover how to manage your situation. 


(session to be taken before 29th February 2020)

 £65 for 90 minutes (normal price is £80)

Follow-ups are 60 minutes in duration. £65


Polarity Therapy 

 Are you feeling like something is holding you back?

Need to uplift your mood and feel more balanced?

Do you want to be pain-free or more comfortable in your body?

If you have never tried the benefits of a Polarity Therapy treatment, then here are just some of the other many benefits that Polarity Therapy treatments bring;

1. Releases pain from the body & releasing mind and emotional blocks
2. Gives clarity of mind and a clear focus
3. Balances emotions and restores vitality
4. Releases muscles tension, neck, back and shoulder pain
5. Significantly reduces anxiety and stress
6. Supports through illness, grief, and injury
7. Helps with period pain, fertility, and menopause
8. Trauma from accidents or life situations
9. Gain clarity, confidence in relationships issues
10. Regain your personal power and sense of self

I’m offering throughout December and January a Polarity therapy treatments to get you balanced, focused and relaxed for the season ahead.

Regain your mojo ready for 2020!

1st session £72

Follow ups £55

Treatment location is: Barton on Sea, Hampshire.


Life & Business Consultancy Package

Do you feel that you are being held back in life by something or someone?

Are you suffering from the effects of stress, which is hindering your ability to enjoy your life, relationships or business?

Do you feel like you have a handle on understanding what is going on in your life, business or relationship, but can’t quite shift this into a positive reality? 

I offer one to one sessions to give direction and support you need to get your life back on track. 

I specialise in moving energy from negative to positive so you can find your centre of balance.  Energy is the very thing that underlays the way we think, how our body is healthy and pain free and our emotional state.

This is a very different way of working with your mind, body and emotions and combines life and business coaching with therapeutic body treatments to get you back on track.


5 session programme £498

 Complimentary 30 minute discovery call.


Pure Meditation

Discover the calm in the storm and explore your spiritual connection.

This is a seated guided meditation, that develops and strengthens the connection to your inner guidance.   Regular meditation helps:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Lighten the heart from depression

Deepen awareness of self and others

Improve memory and concentration

Lead to clarity of mind

Help with recovery from trauma

Imbue a deeper sense of peace and calm

Support you during periods of overwhelm and stressful times in life

6-7 pm

every Friday at (click to book)

Class suitable for those who have meditated before. 

The Natural Health Hub, Lymington

£10 per person


Movement & Relaxation Class

Activate and move stagnant energy in your body and mind to find balance and harmony within and without!

 A fusion of mindful movement therapy techniques  to activate your energy, stretch and relax your muscles. Combining relaxation methods to balance your nervous system and relaxation to calm your mind.

A truly all round healing for your body, mind and emotions.

4 – 5pm

every Thursday at  

The Amethyst Cave

 115 Old Milton Road,

New Milton

BH25 6DP

£8 per person

Advance booking only 


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