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Ascending the polarities of life for health & happiness & clear direction

One hour sessions £56.60 

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Virtual online Transformational Healing & Life Coaching

Are you feeling anxious and fearful, perhaps frustrated and in need of emotional support and clarity of mind?  Perhaps you are feeling lost and have lost your sense of self?  Do you want to uplift your mood and feel more balanced?

Because if you have never tried the benefits of Polarity Therapy coaching and healing to find your balance then here are just some of the benefits:

  • Significantly reduces stress & anxiety.
  • Gives clarity of mind & clear focus.
  • Releases emotional blocks that may be causing physical pain.
  • Balances emotions & restores vitality.
  • Supports through tough times in life, such as grief, trauma & illness. 
  • Gain clarity & confidence in relationship issues.
  • Regain your personal power & sense of self

Consultations take place in the comfort of your own home or another place that feels safe and quiet via Zoom, which means you are just a click away from receiving the help that you need.

One hour sessions £56.60 

Email me to book a free 30 minute discovery call here to find out if this is for you or book your appointment here

Polarity Therapy to release pain and tension in the body, gain clarity of mind & support through emotional stress 

Polarity Therapy treats a vast array of issues from emotional stress to physical pain and spiritual development.  It is an all round effective treatment that works  by releasing stuck energy that has manifested as pain, tension or stress in the body.  Fabulous support during times of grief & emotional turmoil in life.

As well as treating acute and chronic pain and tension people have received help when they are feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life.

Here are just some of the benefits of polarity therapy:

  • Significantly reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Releases pain.
  • Helps to find balance in your life, relationships and business.
  • Gain clarity of mind and inspiration.
  • Gives a depth of calm and relaxation that is long lasting.
  • Supports through illness, injury.
  • Enhances and maintains health and well being.

Sessions take place in Hampshire, UK.  Alternatively online virtual appointments are also available, see above.


Polarity training UK

30 minute session £25.72

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1-2-1 Learn how to meditate 

Do you find it difficult to quiet your mind and be still?  Would you love to feel calm and relaxed in your body and mind?

These sessions are ideal for anyone wanting to find a way to become calmer and relaxed and reduce their anxiety.  I will work with you to find the best method to suit your individual needs and teach you how to calm your mind and feel more balanced. 

These sessions are deeply healing.


Thursdays 4 – 5 pm  £8.23 per class

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Movement, stretch & relax class (gentle class) virtual online

Derived from Dr Randolph Stones Polarity Therapy energy exercises for health this class will activate and move stagnant energy in your body and mind to find balance and harmony within.   

A fusion of mindful movement therapy techniques to activate your energy, stretch and relax your muscles and calm your mind, all done at a gentle pace.

Regular movement which combines, stretching and relaxation balances your nervous system, calms your mind and emotions and, re-charges your energy.

We end the class with sound healing and relaxation.  A truly all round healing for your body, mind and emotions

Fridays 6-7 pm  £8.23 per class

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Guided meditation virtual online class 

(suitable for those who have meditated before)

Discover the calm in the storm and explore your spiritual connection.  This is a guide visualisation meditation that develops and strengthens the connection to your inner guidance and to find your true balance. 

Regular meditation helps to:

Reduce stress and anxiety, lightens the heart from depression deepens awareness of self and others, improves memory and concentration, leads to clarity of mind. Helps with recovery from trauma and imbues a deeper sense of calm and supports you during periods of overwhelm and stressful times in life.

Class is suitable for those who have meditated before.  If you are a beginner you may benefit from  a one to one or sign up for a free beginners course here.