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Treatments & Events

Polarity Therapy

When you are feeling out of sorts, tired, emotional, anxious or depressed.  When you need support, clarity and guidance during periods of life changes and stressful times. 

Relax and recharge your energies by focusing on your body, mind and emotions with an body & mind energy balance treatment.

1st session 90-minute consultation & body treatment £72

Follow up 60 minutes £55 


Polarity Therapy Body Balance & Alignment

Are you in physical pain, feel tension in your body, suffer with any kind of physical condition then this treatment is for you.  Have your body released from stress and pressures that are causing the pain.

1st session 90-minute consultation & body treatment £72

Follow up 60 minutes £55

Business & Life Coaching

Do you need razor sharp insight into your business or life?

Feel torn between the daily tussle of life and running your business?

Are you are stuck in a rut, feel emotionally drained,  have lost your mojo?

Are you in need of fresh inspiration?

I offer one to one sessions to give direction and support you need to get your business back on track. Therapy sessions are available to re-charge your energy, release the stress and pain from your body and get you thinking in the right way so feel back in control of your life.

1st session is 2 hours followed by one hour every two weeks (or as required)

Please contact me to arrange a discovery call.


The Spectacular 2019 

23rd &  24th May 

Chilworth Manor, Southampton

A symposium for women in business.  Come and join me! 

I take you through a workshop to find your neutral zone.

Click here to find out more: 

The Daisy Chain Group

Chaos to Calm

With lives so busy keeping up with family, work and social pressures and the immense burden that can come from our fast paced world of technology its hard to find time for yourself.   Its no wonder that our nervous systems suffer, our energy feels depleted and our anxiety levels increase and illness or pain manifests.

  This relaxed and fun workshop helps you understand and recognise the stress triggers in your life and gives you practical tools and advice to resolve and manage the physical and emotional aspects towards your own self care. 

3 hour workshop

0930 – 1230pm Friday

New dates coming

£55 per person

In Lymington

Pure Meditation

Discover the calm in the storm and explore your spiritual connection.

This is a seated guided meditation, that develops and strengthens the connection to your inner guidance.   Regular meditation helps:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Lighten the heart from depression

Deepen awareness of self and others

Improve memory and concentration

Lead to clarity of mind

Help with recovery from trauma

Imbue a deeper sense of peace and calm

Support you during periods of overwhelm and stressful times in life

6.30 – 7.30pm

every Friday at (click to book) 

The Natural Health Hub, Lymington

£10 per person

Discount for bulk buy for 6 or more classes

Movement, Relaxation and Meditation Class

Activate and move stagnant energy in your body and mind to find balance and harmony within and without!

 A fusion of mindful movement therapy techniques (yoga, qi gong, polarity energy exercises, stretching and strengthening) to activate your energy, stretch and relax your muscles. Combining relaxation methods to balance your nervous system and meditation to calm your mind.

A truly all round healing for your body, mind and emotions.

Starting 21st Feb 2019

4 – 5pm

every Thursday at (click to book) 

The Natural Health Hub

87b High Street,

Lymingon SO41 9AN

£10 per person

Advance booking only 

Discount for bulk buy for 6 or more classes

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