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Treatments - Menu & Booking

I offer a multi-level approach to healing and my treatments include Shamanic Healing and Polarity Therapy.  If you are unable to see me in person, then I offer energy healing virtually online via Zoom, as well as Remote Healing where I work off a photograph.  I combine my skills including using a tool called the Living Lens, a transformational rebalancing and harmonising tool.

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Please Note:  Appointment Availability 

Due to high demand for my online energy healing I am currently booked up weeks in advance. To get the best out of this kind of healing, I would suggest purchasing a package of sessions (see below) and then book the appointments in my diary straight away to guarantee a succession of weekly, biweekly or for clients on ‘maintenance’, monthly sessions.


Online Energy Healing 

60 minutes

For over 21 years of age.

Powerful healing to release emotional energy that is causing physical, mental and emotional issues using the Living Lens and Polarity Therapy Techniques.

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Jane Seaman

Remote Healing

60 minutes

This is a great option for anyone under 21 years of age including babies and young children, for people who have difficulty accessing the internet.  Or for anyone who wishes to receive powerful healing remotely.  

Using the Living Lens to release disturbed energy that is causing distress in a person’s life.  Through tuning into photographs of the person receiving healing, I use the Living Lens to clear disturbed energy that is causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  You will receive a report following the session. Find out more here.

Polarity Therapy Treatments

Polarity  Therapy 

(face to face in Lymington, Hampshire, UK)

 Appointments – 60 minutes £75

Physical hands-on treatment for a vast array of issues from emotional stress to physical pain. 

Releasing stuck energy that has manifested as pain, tension, illness in the body.  

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Tree connection to the world tree

Shamanic Healing 

(face to face in Lymington, Hampshire, UK)

60 minutes

Spiritual and sound healing to clear ancestral energy blocks.

Clearing the path towards for better health and wellbeing.

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Medical Disclaimer: While shamanic practices/spiritual healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine, it is often used successfully as a compliment. However, holistic therapy of this nature has been shown to help many people, where other methods have failed including conventional medicine.   Always consult a physician about any physical or mental problems you may have.