Why The Power of Touch is Related to the element of Air

Never more has the sense of touch been so crucial yet, never has it been so denied…

Touch is one of our five senses and one of the most important senses that keeps us connected and gives us in the moment, true sensory feedback.  It is wonderful that we can stay connected with our friends and family through technology, but nothing replaces the profound connection and effect on the nervous system that comes with a hug or handshake. 

A hug from a loved one can lower your blood pressure and enable you to feel valued and important. A firm handshake can tell you a lot about a person’s character and personality. There are many people who love the sense of touch and others who find it intrusive when the intentionally given from an insensitive person and want to recoil.  Touch is a powerful sense and can activate deep emotions, both good and bad. 

Animals are a great way to activate our sense of touch, calming us down when we are feeling fraught and offering a sense of security when we are feeling lonely, anxious, and depressed. Being outside with nature, using your sense of touch to enjoy the different textures of plants, trees and flowers keeps us in connection with the felt sense. 

“Truth is very often found through the sense of touch as so many unconscious messages are conveyed through this medium but essentially using the sense of touch in a positive way, can release happy hormones and open the heart.” 

Staying connected emotionally during a time when you are not yet able to use your sense of touch, is incredibly difficult. Being denied this sense can highlight how in this world of technology it is also important to connect on a physical level. 

I work with life energy the kind of energy that connects all of life and keeps us alive and healthy and the sense of touch is hugely important in Polarity Therapy.  We relate this  felt sense to the air element and here I attempt to explain the connection.

How  does the element of air make you feel?

Consider the nature of air, essentially it moves, motivates, and inspires. In fact many people take the air they breathe for granted and often don’t notice until it’s not there or when there is too much – think of a still night –  or how you feel when air is whipped up by a storm and blowing a gale.  Air moves the branches of trees, carries seeds in the wind, cools down your skin, and can make you feel uplifted or with too much, agitated.  It is a method of transporting sound vibration and has much to do with communication and consciousness.

Air energy in the body and connection to the heart

Air energy is located in and generated from the chest or in other words the heart centre, which makes sense as it is where we breathe air in and out of our bodies. Air keeps us connected to the centre of our emotions.  Being with a loved one opens your heart whereas feelings of grief closes the emotional centre of our hearts.  The sense of touch as, I mentioned earlier can be hugely emotional and give you a warm fuzzy feeling and open your heart.  The sense of touch can activate many different emotions both good and bad. 

The most important thing for all of us who are being denied that close connection is to keep your air energy moving through your body, this will keep your heart centre open and although does not replace physical touch, it  will allow your feelings to flow, which as we know is very important for your mental and emotional and physical health.

Keeping your shoulders loose, be outside and just breathe into your body and notice how that feels. Watch the clouds drift across the sky and join me now in a breathing meditation to activate the air element and connect to the power of touch. Click on the video below.

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