"Journey to heal your soul through the power of nature. spirit and our ancestors"

Journey to heal your soul

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Shamanic Healing


Are your ancestors the root cause of the problems in your life?  How healthy are your own thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours,

 are they hindering or supporting your life? 


Shamanic healing draws on higher energy vibrations to release energy blocks that manifest in the mind, body, and emotions.  Often it

 is the energy blocks of our ancestors that are the cause of a problem.  But not always, our own attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and 

behaviours can change create havoc with our health.


We are made up of energy, that is a fact.  Energy that composes our physical mental & emotional experience gets disturbed and 

creates problems in our life.  


Shamanic healing transforms energy through the power of sound and other techniques.  The aim is to restore balance and harmony

 in your life.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Have you ever wondered why the same or similar health or life problems keep reoccuring? 


For example:

  • You keep attracting the wrong kind of partner.  
  • Perhaps you can’t quite seem to get the financial reward that you deserve.  
  • Are you someone that lacks confidence and feel like you are not good enough?  
  • Personal development has been your priority, yet still you are finding repeating patterns play out in your life?

Many of our current life and health issues, can be traced back to a time in the past. We carry through into our life programming or 

patterning from our ancestors.


For example; your mother suffered from depression or anxiety, you may well have carried that pattern through your own life.  Which

 means that you may be pre-disposed to attract similar circumstances that trigger the same feelings. 


Releasing ancestral patterns is powerful healing and is one of the techniques that I use.

The difference between Shamanic Healing & Polarity therapy 

Polarity therapy works more directly with the subconscious and conscious mind through hands-on body treatment.  

Shamanic healing provides healing on a different level of energy vibration. A direct spiritual connection is formed and healing energy is channeled during the session. 

Channeling spiritual energy through the power of sound, transforms a negative vibration of energy.   Sometimes, my hands are on the body, sometimes off the body.

Would you like to be free from the shackles of your past?

Working with vibrations of life energy to release the energetic patterning from your past, is what shamanic healing is about.  

Here is how I work:

The first session involves a more in depth consultation, so I can see the patterns you may be running in your life.  Then we start with 

the body healing session.  I use a combination of hands on and off to affect your energy and clear emotions from your energy matrix.

During the session, you may be guided back in time to get to the source of the pattern that is causing a problem in your life today. 

Then with my guidance and support work to clear that energy programme.  Once clear we aim to bring you, your body, mind, and 

soul back together.  This all aids a return to a greater sense of well-being and health.


We may also retrieve parts of your soul, that has been hiding away waiting patiently for you to bring it back home. Parts of our soul 

can get ‘trapped’ in past traumas, or hurts.  To survive your soul may remove itself during the traumatic event to act as a self 

preservation mechanism.  We clear the way for your soul to be returned and you regain a feeling of wholeness and connectedness.



I liken energy healing to peeling away the layers of an onion.  Clearing the layers to the core of who you truly are.

Who is it for?

Shamanic healing helps many different conditions of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

But, also if you are feeling fragmented, lost, out of sorts, blocked in your life, or have lost your sense of purpose, then a Shamanic

Healing session may be just what you need.


If your gut instinct pulls to this kind of healing treatment, I would say trust your intuition and get in touch. It may be just what you



Bookings are available from Thursday 15th April 2021

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Sessions are in person and take place in Barton on Sea, Hampshire, UK.

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