The Polarity Therapy Academy

Polarity Therapy is one of the most comprehensive energy healing systems in the world.  
It covers the four main bases for health – body treatments, communication facilitation, nutritional advice and movement therapy.
The UK and worldwide training provider for Polarity Therapy and a member of the IPEA.   I offer the full Polarity Therapy practitioner training either virtually online or face to face. 
Covering all four modes of therapy intervention developed by Dr. Randolph Stone ND, DO, DC (1890 – 1981) but updated over the years to bring this amazing therapy into the 21st century.

As a Polarity Therapy Practitioner for the past 20 years, I am constantly amazed at how the principles of polarity therapy transforms lives where other more well known mainstream physical, mental and emotional, spiritual treatments as well as allopathic treatments have missed the mark.  Whether it is to help yourself on your personal life journey or to benefit others, becoming a Polarity Therapist will allow you to live your life with purpose.

Are you seeking a more multi-levelled approach to your bodywork treatments or you want to learn a safe healing body treatment that gets to the cause of the matter?

There are many methods to release, pain, stress and support recovery from illness from the body and here are a few: 

Massage, acupressure, reflexology, cranial sacral, reiki, energy healing, osteopathy.  As a polarity therapist you will be in a unique position of learning the many different techniques and quality of touch that combine all of the above.  You will learn a comprehensive set of hands on treatments that enable the ability of the body to heal itself.  

Are you looking for change in direction in work/life and want a rewarding, fulfilling career and are willing to take part in the journey of a lifetime?  

Becoming a Polarity Therapy Practitioner will give you insight into your behaviours and patterns as well, as understanding those around you and give you practical skills to help yourself and others. 

Are you looking for inspiration and seeking a new pathway in your personal development? 

This course will help you clear your path to understanding yourself, your career, your relationships as well as gaining a valuable hands-on skill that can be applied to all aspects of your life. 

Are you working with people and want to give more to your clients, but are unsure about the next step? 

This training will give you exceptional practical healing body-treatment skills as well as a sound foundation in applying the methods to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your clients. You can use this as a stand-alone alternative treatment system or add into your existing treatments.  It really is the next step for advancing your knowledge, skill and approach to your therapy practice.

 The Polarity Academy courses are available face to face and online from early 2021.  There are 3 levels to training.

Level one – The Foundations of Polarity Therapy

Over 3 days you get an insight into this amazing system.  You will gain an understanding of basic principles and theory behind the work as well as learning a specific general polarity balance treatment that you can apply in your existing practise or use on your friends and family..  

Level two – Energy Principles Practitioner Course 

Over the 17-day course, students will learn specific techniques in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the mind, body and emotion connects and be qualified to apply those therapies to their current practice or as a stand alone practice.

  • Learn the method behind the practical. Polarity energy theory and the major energy centres of the body, mind & emotions.
  • Five elemental theory which relates to our mental and emotional well being.
  • Over 25 different treatments to address mental and emotional imbalance, as well as nervous system balancing, polarity reflexology, chakra balancing and the three levels of the mind.

Level three – Polarity Therapy Professional

For a more advanced and in depth training The Polarity Therapy Professional course takes place over a further 10-days and includes structural re-balancing, movement therapy, nutritional concepts and additional mental health therapy.  This part of the course is face to face only.

  • A total of over 65 body treatments to address various physical, mental and emotional conditions
  • Realigning of the entire physical structure to relieve chronic pain
  • Guide clients through reviewing their unhelpful patterns and habits
  • Movement Therapy and other self-help techniques to help support your healing process at home
  • Nutritional concepts and advice on how to clear toxic cells and build up your health through food.

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