Online Energy Healing. Experience better physical, mental and emotional health and greater personal empowerment.

Online Energy Healing & Remote Energy Healing

Online energy healing and remote energy healing clears mental, emotional & physical issues that are causing a problem in a persons life. Jane draws on a variety of techniques such as Polarity Therapy and Shamanic Healing which combine brilliantly together, to clear mental, emotional and physical problems.    Jane offers online energy healing safely via Zoom or remotely with a photograph of the person receiving healing. 

 Online energy healing clears mental, emotional & physical issues

How can Online Energy Healing Help Me?

If you have never tried Online  Energy Healing then here are just some of the benefits:

  • Helps you feel clearer about your problem & learn strategies to move forward
  • Gain greater personal power so that you feel in control of your life
  • Feel lighter in mood and clearer in mind & experience better emotional health
  • Regain sense of self
  • Helps relieve anxiety & feelings of stress so you feel more relaxed
  • Deals with the underlying energetic causes of depression, anxiety, pain in the body (such as sacral pain), PTSD, polycystic ovary syndrome, sciatica, fertility issues, and other debilitating conditions


  • Clears energy blocks in the body to release tension and pain
  • Harmonizes negative karma so you can feel free
  • Clears emotional patterning from past lives, so that you can follow your own path and not be held back by the past
  • Balance emotional energy centres called chakras to help you harmonize feelings
  • Release unhelpful parental patterns & beliefs that your are re-creating in your own life

Consultations take place in the comfort of your own home (or another place that feels safe and quiet) via Zoom, which means you are just a click away from receiving the help that you need.

If you prefer not to be present, please see the section on Remote Healing below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

We heal at different rates, but typically is you have an acute condition, something that has recently become a problem then one to three sessions is a guideline, but we can discuss this at the end of the first session.

For chronic conditions, that have been causing a problem for more than a year then more sessions may be required.  This will give you and I an opportunity to work through the energetic layers that have become disturbed and built up in your system over many years.

How Much Time Should I Leave Between Appointments?

For most people it works well to space appointments 1 or 2 weeks apart, but we can discuss this at your first appointment.  This will give your system time as you continue to release energy and adjust to the new awareness’s about your life.

Online Energy Healing via Zoom

Suitable for adults over the age of 21

Like any therapy, often more than one appointment is required to get to the root cause of an issue.  Plan for a minimum of four appointments, as this will give you and I a good opportunity to work down through the many energetic layers that you have unwittingly built up in your system over the years. 

When booking the package, please check my diary schedule here before purchasing.

Remote Healing

This is a great option for anyone (including babies and young children) under the age of 21, or for people who have difficulty accessing the internet.  Or for anyone who wishes to receive powerful healing remotely. 

You don’t need to be present for this healing.  Simply book a time in my diary by clicking the link below and I will tune into your energy (by using a recent photograph) at the time you have booked.

I tune into a photograph of the person receiving healing, I use intention and other techniques to clear disturbed energy that is causing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems.  Plus you receive a follow up report, so that you are aware of what I found. 

Email me here to find out more.

Note: I typically respond within 24 hours, so if you have not heard from me please check your email spam for my response. 


“Jane is a rare find among therapists and I feel really blessed to have found her. She is very skillful and professional and provides a really safe space in which to explore the many aspects of the healing journey. I have worked with lots of therapists over the years and find Jane to be absolutely top of the tree; I wholeheartedly recommend her”



“I had an online session with Jane.  She is brilliant at listening and helped me hugely. I spoke from my heart, not knowing what it was that I was looking to find within its depths.  I was so surprised at what surfaced and Jane’s presence throughout was so gentle as she held the space for me to speak my truth.

Jane used a combination of techniques to help me clear the energy that was causing my anxiety and confusion.  I have received 3 sessions and already I feel a huge difference in my life”.


IT Analyst