Four Survival tips for Winter

Polarity therapy - winter good nutrition

Get back to basics during the winter months, when sunshine is limited and diets go out of the window, as chocolate, pastries and high calorific foods become the norm.  It’s an ideal time to counteract all the naughty stuff with 4 simple steps to re-balance and nourish your insides as well as nourish yourself from the outside.

So following the polarity principle of so within, so without:

Add or enhance the amount of leafy green vegetables into your diet to super charge your energy and your brain power from the inside.  Spinach, Kale, Swish Chard, Green cabbage (I could go on) are fantastic sources of the essential minerals and vitamins and vegetable proteins that we need for health building.

If you are experiencing headaches, feel like your head is ‘fuzzy’, lack energy and can’t think straight, you may be dehydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty drink plenty of water, to keep your whole body hydrated and your brain in good working order.  Add your favourite combinations of lemons, limes, ginger, cucumber, mint, berries to give you a refreshing zest and you will be amazed how it will enhance your functionality throughout the day.

To nourish yourself from the outside, I have come cross a Super Green skin serum from Tropic Skincare.  It’s packed full of concentrated super greens, it’s like your skin gets a shot of liquid gold!  Use it once or twice a week, particularly if you have been working at a computer all day or you have been in centrally heated environments, its a super way to re-charge your skin.  You can shop for it here;

Finally, wrap up for the season and take a walk in the fresh air – that works wonders to ‘clear the cobwebs’ from your mind, it will increase your circulation to keep you warm and give your skin a healthy glow.