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Friday 5th June 0930am – 1130am  Bring Inner Balance to your Emotions during uncertain times

Cuppa, Chat and Be Inspired!

During these uncertain times we can feel like many things are out of our control and this can make us feel even more fearful and emotionally vulnerable. It’s a difficult time for us all, whether you are on the front line having to work harder now, putting yourself at risk and working long hours in the heart of the fear or whether you are at home worrying about your health, job security, finances and family etc. For some it is difficult and stressful.

Through this time we can feel like we are losing so many connections in life and we can also lose connection with ourself.  Which is why we need to reach out and support each other – even if it is in a virtual way. Jane Seaman, Polarity Therapist and Teacher and Transformational Healing Coach and Rhi Hepple Naturopathic Nutritionist will be hosting this talk via Zoom.

Join us for a chat about emotional health. Bring a cuppa and be inspired to bring Inner Balance to your life. We will be delving deep into why emotions could be affecting your health, showing you how to tune in and recognise where you are out of balance and learn how to support your health resilience with nutrition and lifestyle techniques.

You will also enjoy a beautiful grounding meditation from Jane. And we will be holding space at the end for questions and support.

So come and join us on Friday the 5th of June at 9.30 with a cuppa and learn how you can support your emotional and mental health right now.

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