“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” Wayne Dyer”

Events & Freebies

These are online videos that I am co-hosting with Specialist Naturopathic Nutritionist Rhi Hepple.

These talks are all about inspiring and empowering you to support your health naturally.  Each video will be between 30 – 60 minutes are on various themes. 

I will be sharing my knowledge in supporting your health through the spiritual and energetic connections of the emotional and mental bodies.  There will be a chance to experience some of my healing practices from sound therapy, breath work, meditation to exercises to shift stagnation and energy blocks.

Rhi will be sharing her incredible knowledge base through Naturopathic Nutrition in supporting your health with nutrition and natural remedies. 

Join us and be inspired towards taking control of your health and well being naturally!

Support your Immune Resilience Naturally 

Immune health is on our minds more than ever.  During these next two talks Jane and Rhi will be showing you ways to support your immune health naturally, holistically and vibrationally (energetically).

Part One

Learn and experience how energy practices such as sound can strengthen the immune system.

How to clear energy blocks and stagnation.

What might be impacting your immune system.

How to nourish and nurture it using food as medicine.


Part Two

Learn and experience how energy exercises and breath can strengthen the immune system.

When all 3 levels of your mind are communicating effectively is essential to your mental health.

Create your own natural first aid kit.

Learn what foods are best for your immunity.


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