Through the method of Polarity Therapy we can help you manage the noise and achieve the calm you need, allowing you to nurture yourself and be in control of you and your world around you. Are you ready to transform your life, relationship or business?

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Due to high demand for my Online Energy Healing and Remote Healing sessions,  I am currently not taking on any more new clients as my diary is often booked up weeks in advance.  Please contact me here if you wish to be placed on a waiting list for future Online or Remote Healing appointments.


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Desperate Need for Love.

A Desperate Need to Feel Love?

When you feel a desperate need to be loved, you crave a connection with another When you feel a desperate need to be loved, you may feel sad and crave a connection with another, it can be a lonely place.

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manifesting your dreams

The Four Phases of Successful Manifesting

There are many ways to manifest your way of life; ritual, affirmations, positive thinking, journal writing, creating vision boards and goal setting to name but a few.  All are valid but require four energetic phases for successful manifestation successful.  Here

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