“The key to having it all is finding your balance and owning your future.” Jane

Business & Life Consultancy

With a career that covers the military, recruitment, marketing and consulting for one of the world’s leading hospitality brands, I have a wealth of experience and an understanding of the dynamics of a small business and corporate business environments that allows me to guide leaders in reviewing and re-visioning their businesses.  Through your people, resources and processes I get to find out whats really going on in your business or department.  When working with you on a professional as well as a personal level, I get to see where you can improve your life for a better work  life balance.

Through my 14 years of business and career coaching this is what I see the most:

You are either working in an established organisation, how does that impact your needs and wants for you and your career development.


You are an independent business owner who is losing clarity on the purpose of your business due to the overwhelming requirements of day-to-day operations.

How do we resolve this? I believe that every business has a heart, soul and mind – it is up to me to guide, support and nurture you as well as the business, by gaining new insight and clarity. So whether you are looking for a different perspective in running your own business or staring at the career ladder in front of you and not knowing how to take the first step, my four-step approach will help us resolve the disturbances in your work life:

  1. The Review – this is the big picture where I hear your story and look at how effective you are or your people, resources and processes.
  2. The Clarifying – acknowledging the specific issues in yourself,  your business or your team on both a practical and then in turn, emotional level.
  3. The Practical – outlining the immediate and longer-term solutions to resolve and re-energise you or the people working in the business. Guiding senior managers to a understand a new level of practical and emotional intelligence so that positive change happens organically within your business.
  4. Coaching & mentoring – ongoing support to ensure the realigning of your business takes place and is engaged with on all levels.  

Here is what I offer or get in touch here if you feel you or your business could benefit from my involvement.

** FREE 30-minute consultation to see if I can help you.

** 2-hour consultation to get an overview perspective. 

** Onsite review of your business where I get to feel, hear and see the issues and offer solutions.   

** 6 months (one day a month) consulting and support. 




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