Auto-Immune Disease is the Battle Within Ourselves

Healthy Immunity

Auto Immune Disease is the body knowing the difference between a Friend or Foe

There is a large emotional component that underlays the creation of an auto immune disease.  In a healthy human being, our immunity system is robust, being able to know what is good for us and what is bad, whether that be a toxic environment or a negative thought. We may have a strong sense of purpose and self-confidence  and be emotionally balanced to know ourselves inside out. In this case the immunity system has clear direction and will instantly know what to do when under attack.  Whether that be physical, emotional or verbal.

Emotional Causes

However, emotional feelings play a big part in how well our immune system functions, here are a few:

  • Feeling challenged to communicate your truth.
  • Being verbally attacked or silenced leading to a fear of stepping out of the box.
  • Unintentionally provoking confrontation and feeling powerless
  • Trust issues.
  • Sabotaging your life and progress and feeling unworthy.
  • Suppressed creativity.
  • Low self-esteem and feeling unimportant.
  • Feeling powerless.
  • Fear of not being enough.
  • Difficulty receiving nurturing.
  • Fear of failure and indeed success

What Is the Cause of Auto-Immune Disease

Long term stress is a key cause of creating a compromised immune system.  A person who is constantly stuck in an unconscious fight or flight state will mean that they feel on constant alert.  In this case the immunity system is also on high alert, ready to fight whatever comes its way.  Over time the stress hormones become toxic to the body and the immune system starts to fight itself.

The cause is many, a toxic relationship, a stressful job both of which create an unhealthy emotional state.  An unhealthy highly acidic diet is also a contributing factor. 

Normally there is a combination of factors that seriously compromise our immune systems.   In any case, inflammation builds up in the system when a person is not able to rebalance and release toxic build up, whether that be emotional and psychological or chemical (food).

Birth and Ancestral Trauma

The underlying energetic pattern that forms the immunity system is created in the womb.  It is highly likely that we carry through the patterns of energy of trauma from our ancestors. So, without our knowing it we can be compromised from the start.

During pregnancy the mother may have been highly stressed, so the foetus would have experienced a high level of stress hormone.  Any kind of birth trauma will lead to high levels of survival anxiety at an early age, which will lead to an overload of stress hormone that will create inflammation in the body.  A new born baby may not have received the vital colostrum that is required from the off set to build a healthy immune system for example.   

So, as you can see there are many factors that lead to a problem with the immune system from an early age.  The problem arises when the immune system stops recognising who you are.

Friend or Foe

An auto-immune response literally means that you (meaning your body intelligence) does not know what is a friend or what is a foe.  The system has lost its clear direction and inner knowing as to what to attack or not.   

Wikipedia says:  An autoimmune disease is a condition arising from an abnormal immune response to a functioning body part. There are at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases, with some evidence suggesting that there may be more than 100 types. Nearly any body part can be involved. Common symptoms include low grade fever and feeling tired. Often symptoms come and go.”  According to emotional stresses in life.

Some common auto immune conditions include:

Diabetes type 1, thyroid conditions such as Graves and Hashimotos, Addison’s, Crohn’s, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis to name but a few.

Get Back on Track

It is possible to help your body recognise healthy cells. With a careful diet to give your body the right chemistry to build healthy cells. Clear  the patterns of emotions that were the cause of the problem.  Become aware of those unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.  All of these will help your body become stronger and more resilient.   

For more serious conditions requiring medical intervention and combining natural healing can give you an excellent chance to live a full happy, healthy life.


Jane Seaman

Jane Seaman

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 22 years in energy healing practice I enable a person back to health and happiness, using Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Healing and Online Healing. You can learn more about my journey to the work I do today on my About Page.

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