“I truly love what I do – it is a real privilege to work with people so openly and genuinely. I hope one day this might be you… ” Jane

About Jane Seaman

We all have a story to tell

Some of us move through life rarely thrown off course no matter what hits them, while others flounder at every turn, knocked by life’s challenges.  Most of us are somewhere between the two, with our minds preoccupied with the demands of home, work, family and friends, leaving precious little time for self-reflection and personal growth.  Before you know it, you hit your forties and wonder what life is all about…

That was me.

For many years I had floundered – not knowing what path to take either in my career or my personal life

I was an intensely shy little girl.  My mum said this started at the age of 2 years old.  I found being around other people frightening and would hide away as much as I could when people came around. This shyness continued all through my growing-up years.  I would blush at the most innocuous things and disliked being the centre of attention.   This lack of confidence, not feeling good enough, and being constantly on alert and anxious had its evitable toll on my health.

I suffered a devastating trauma when I was 15 years old, which promptly led me on a path of destruction

It took many years of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, suffering life-threatening situations, and simply struggling through life to realise I needed to make a change.   I needed to take charge of my life, rather than be controlled by stress, anxiousness and negative emotions.  

The weird thing is that I was successful in all the jobs that I did.  I always worked and thrived in my work.  But just didn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled, so I would go from one thing to another, always flourishing yet running away to another challenge when I started to feel ‘settled’ (or bored). 

I also excelled in sports, loved to swim and bury myself in intense training, yet another way to escape.

In my struggle to find myself I travelled a lot, the need to escape was overwhelming and I didn’t know why at the time.  

Then when I turned 30 years old I finally started to wake up.  I remember my 30th birthday so well, I didn’t really want to be here anymore and I felt like a time to do or die.  I was desperate and realised I needed help, although at the time I had no idea who to go to.  So I went to the local GP and listed all of the physical aches and pains I was experiencing.

At the time, I had all sorts of body problems, muscle tension, polycystic ovary syndrome, IBS, and headaches, it seemed my whole body was complaining.   I realised much later, it was my body screaming for me to wake up.  By this time I had a failed marriage and felt I had no purpose whatsoever and felt lost.

When I finally got help, healing was a slow process as I had to unravel so much.  But I slowly healed. 

I  tried many different therapies, but I found polarity therapy as one of the key sources of healing in my journey, but also shamanic healing for helping me spiritually and enabling me to deepen the connection to my soul purpose. 

Polarity Therapy. Shamanic Healing and the Philosophy of Huna

Once I discovered Polarity Therapy, shamanic healing and the philosophy of Huna, it gave me the strength and confidence to change my life, and the richness of knowledge and the clarity of purpose that it has given me has been transformative.  Having been stuck in a merry-go-round of 9-to-5 roles for most of my life, I was then traveling the world as a Spa Consultant for one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands and working with people from all walks of life.

After many years of training and travelling, I decided to come home to the New Forest and run my own private practice and training academy. Having found my purpose, I want to share this with others and allow them the opportunity to take control of their lives and lead them as fully and as positively as possible

I have always done things differently, and I can honestly say that I truly love what I do – whether it is helping individuals through health, life, or relationship issues or businesses, it is a real privilege to work with people so openly and genuinely. 

For the past 23 years, I have been in practice, helping countless people from all over the world.  If clients are able to see me in person, I work in Lymington, Hampshire UK, Southampton, UK.  But if clients are unable to see me in person, I work with clients from all over the world online via Zoom.

I combine many different techniques – physical body treatments, mind therapy, movement therapy, and spiritual healing.  I meet my clients where they are and support and guide them toward better health, life, and relationships.

I am known to hold a safe, nurturing space, so my clients are able to explore the depths of their  problem so their soul can find peace.

Training and  Development

I run training and development programmes and classes as I am keen to empower other people towards getting a better life for themselves.


Jane Seaman – Her Key Skills

Private Therapy Practice: working with clients on their physical and mental wellbeing through shamanic healing, polarity therapy and online energy healing

Business Consultant: helping business owners re-vision, review and realign the health of their business with the health of themselves

Life & Career Coaching: helping clients to find their true career path

Polarity Therapy Trainer: Providing training in Polarity Therapy to an Advanced level

Individual Personal Development Programmes: tailored mentoring and life coaching

Spa Management & Consultancy: clients include Six Senses Resorts & Spa, The Wentworth Club and Chewton Glen

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Jane Seaman – Her Key Qualifications

Therapy: Polarity Therapy Practitioner (PTP) – Body Manipulations, Nutrition, Polarity energy exercises & Movement Therapy and Communication and Facilitation skills & polarity management

Polarity Therapy Teacher (PTT) – Full Polarity Therapy Practitioner 

Shamanic Healer  (T.C.O.TS) –  Sound healing, journeying, regression, cord cutting, and soul retrieval

Touch for Health Kinesiology level 3

ITEC Massage & Anatomy & Physiology

Master NLP/Hypnotherapist (MNH)


Over many years, I have recognised that emotions are a great healer and teacher. 

Getting too bogged down in the dramas of life can prevent you from living a life of your dreams.  Instead allow the process to happen without blocking or suppressing the outcome through fear, hurt and pain.

Here I share my very own personal journey, which has lead me to where I am today, happy, healthy and inspired.

Jane loves all things natural.  It is not just what you put into your body that’s important, but also what you put on your body.   Jane endorses Tropic Skincare as it is made with love for the natural world.

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