A Desperate Need to Feel Love?

Desperate Need for Love.

When you feel a desperate need to be loved, you crave a connection with another

When you feel a desperate need to be loved, you may feel sad and crave a connection with another, it can be a lonely place. A desperation to be with someone, no matter the costs can be a devastating place to be for some.

Deep sadness, frustration, and anger can be underlying when you are desperately searching for that one person that you think will make everything right.  All reason goes away when you find yourself needy for others.

How Do You Know You Are Needy for Love?

  • Feeling whole only when you are with others.
  • Being jealous of others.
  • The need to blame others or thinking everything is your fault.
  • To have a low self-worth and not feeling good enough.
  • Feeling something is missing in your life.
  • Continually searching for something outside of yourself.
  • Attracting the wrong kind of relationship.
  • Losing your sense of self when in a relationship.
  • Accepting unreasonable bad behaviour for fear of losing the relationship
  • Feeling manipulated, controlled, and abused.
  • Feeling a victim of circumstances.
  • Co-dependency

When you See your Relationship through “Rose Tinted Glasses”

There is a saying, seeing the world through ‘rose-tinted glasses’ means not seeing the truth, being blinded by, in this case, the need to feel love.   Anyone will do, regardless of how they behave and treat you. When you see your relationships through rose-tinted glasses you are on a road to self-destruction!

An over-neediness to be loved can lead to all sorts of trouble in relationships.  The constant vying for attention, the need to hear your partner say I love you, feeling insecure when they are out of sight.  Miss-trusting the person you are with leads to behaving in jealous ways.

Do you obsessively think about the other person or dream that they are someone perhaps they are not.  Making excuses for bad behaviour and standing up for them when they are in the wrong. 

Eventually, as all your focus is on the other person you end up being someone you don’t recognise.  Your emotions run your life and your identity gets entangled with that other person. Losing the sense of yourself, you forget what your true needs are.

All Your Life You Seem to Have Attracted the Wrong Kind of Relationship

If you feel deep in your heart that you are not happy with the person you are with, take stock.  You may find the relationship is an empty chalice, filled with nothing but air and of no real connection.  Just a chalice filled with manipulation, jealousy, drama, suppression, fear, and anger.

There is no substance to a true emotional depth where you feel able to be yourself and connect, not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. Underneath it all, you feel lonely and lost.

When you are stuck in this situation and feel like you have no choice, in my experience the cause of this goes back to the connection with your mother and father or other authority figures. 

Now, I am not here to discredit parents, it’s a tough job and many just do the best that they know. Children are all different, you can have 3 children in one household all with different emotional, mental, and physical needs. 

Parents must be able to adapt, and yet even in the most loving of households some children’s needs are still not met and that is simply because we are all different.  One child’s experience in a family may be completely different from another.  Perceptions and perspectives may differ. 

One of the questions I ask my clients when they come to me with relationship issues, is how did you feel as a child?  Were emotions shared and acknowledged or buried and stifled? Were all the basic needs met yet your parents were controlling and strict or lax and undisciplined?  Were your parents around for you?  The list can go on, but essentially feeling valued and worthy of love is a complex set of needs.

What Is Love?

Love is consciousness, it is intelligent.  Love is when you feel complete inside and when you are happy to be alone as well as be with others and retain your sense of self.

When you know your true needs and they are met, not necessarily by one person, but in many ways.

Love is a feeling of expansion, lightness, and openness. 

Love is an inner sense of connection that goes beyond physical and material needs and beyond even relationships. 

You can learn how to feel love even if you didn’t experience the feeling as a child.  It is a matter of awareness, becoming aware of your neediness to be loved.

It is then doing some deep personal work on your emotional blocks, your spirituality,  your habits, and behaviours.  Then build new strategies to not repeat the same patterns again. 

When you feel love for yourself will you find true love with others.

When Love is Felt from Within

When you feel love, it is easier to be alone and not feel lonely. 

You trust yourself and your gut feelings which enables a sense of freedom.

No matter how difficult life seems to be, there is an inner sense of knowing that all will be well. 

A sense that you are not alone, there is a higher purpose for you being here and life flows with the natural rhythms of nature and cycles of life.  Love is energy.

Loving Yourself is Not Shelfish

Becoming in love and loving yourself is not selfish, it is essential.  But, it starts with discovering your true needs. 

When I ask “what are your true needs” to a client who is in a toxic relationship, they cannot answer it. 

That’s because they have hidden away from the truth of their situation and literally have lost their sense of self.

All their attention has been placed on making the other person happy for example. Everything they do is about the need to feel loved by that other person. 

Love can mean so many different things, it is not always glamorous, but real love is a deep feeling of connection and honouring your true needs.

Jane Seaman

I help people who are feel stuck in a rut in their life and relationships. I work with clients to free up energy, through the body, the mind and emotions and help them on a spiritual path. I am able to offer online appointments via Zoom and for local clients, face to face.

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