Polarity Therapist, Shamanic Healer & Online Energy Healing Professional

Energy Healer Jane Seaman helps people through holistic natural healing techniques.  These techniques access the root cause of a problem and work on all aspects of a person’s body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit.

How Jane can Help

Energy healer Jane Seaman has helped hundreds of people over the past 23 years for a range of health, life, relationship issues.  A train of thought will create a feeling, which then transfers into an emotion.  Emotions are one way to express who we truly are.  All thoughts and emotions are energy.

When we bury our true feelings, do not express our emotions, or fulfil our own needs, this unfulfilled energy is filed away in the body somewhere and eventually will get ‘stuck’. Suppressed thoughts and emotions manifest as pain, tension, illness, or injury in the body.  Life becomes hard, relationships falter, work can suffer and problems manifest and our whole life may become joyless (to varying degrees).

Jane uses a Combination of Natural Healing Methods

  • To release the cause of pain, tension, stress, and illness from the physical body by using hands on techniques that release stuck energy in the body.
  • Help a person gain awareness of the cause of their issue and offering insights into clearing these unhelpful thought patterns and emotions.
  • Help to clear the negative emotional patterns that are controlling a person’s life.
  • Using spiritual shamanic techniques to clear negative attachments, retrieve parts of a soul, seek out the cause of the energy block all to aid a person back to health.

If you are Feeling Stuck in your Life, isn’t it Time to Feel Free?

All the following conditions can stop you from living the life that you deserve, isn’t it time to get the help you deserve?

Stress, anxiety, depression, pain, tension, illness, injury, gynaecological problems, fertility issues, digestive issues, muscle tension, back, neck and shoulder problems, heart problems, spinal pain… the list can go on.   

Sometimes Healing is a marathon not a sprint, but not always…

The general law of healing is longer you have had an issue, the longer it can take to reverse.  However, if you have an acute problem, or the person is a child or younger in years problems can often be released more quickly. This is because the underlying energy disturbance has not had time to create a deep problem into a person’s psyche or body.

Location is Not a Barrier

Jane lives in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK and can meet with you in person or online via Zoom

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