Business & Life Consultant, Polarity Therapist & Trainer

Are you looking for more in your relationships, career and life? Today is your day to start taking action…

Do you need help in clearing the life clutter and getting back in control? Are you looking for a sense of purpose and way to stay healthy in your body, confident in your mind and the ability to connect and listen to your inner voice?

Hi, I’m Jane and I know how it feels to be less than inspired by life, to be in physical pain, to feel like you are drifting along without purpose or control, while getting more and more anxious about the future that lies ahead.

Thankfully I was able to overcome that adversity over 18 years ago, and since then I have worked on myself through education, personal therapy, mentorship and developed my skills so that I am able to help others find their own sense of wellbeing and purpose.

When life is so busy and priorities so overwhelming, it is understandable why our mental and physical wellbeing starts falling apart. It is my purpose to bring you back together and help you heal your body, mind and emotions by creating balance and calm in your life.

Through using the principles of Polarity Therapy along with my qualifications in hypnotherapy and other health and shamanic practices, I work at getting to the very core of your issues and releasing any pain or anxiety it is causing. By using modern practices with ancient philosophies, I can get you and your business energised and enthusiastic about the day ahead and excited about tomorrow…


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